For any researcher/engineer navigating the 5G open source landscape; the fragmentation of various solutions across elements of the protocol stack and lack of transparency in interoperability testing create a huge barrier to entry. OpenAirX-Labs (OAX) aims to fill this information and knowledge gap by building and maintaining a crowd sourced inventory of different ecosystem solutions along with a benchmark functional end to end 5G implementation providing development and test status across multiple identified metrics. (OAX) is an US academic and Industry focused hardware and software ecosystem to build a stable, robust and feature rich, standards compliant end to end open source 5G exemplar platform.

We anchor our efforts around OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) and its RAN, Core and SMO implementations but also report on other listed best of breed ecosystem solutions. As part of its charter to coalesce the 5G Standalone mode validation effort across North America, OpenAirX-Labs facilitates central tracking of results and issues from the tests conducted over the wireless test platforms managed by the supporting partners.