A key step in the process to deliver a robust and stable benchmark reference 5G implementation is leveraging CI/CD testing principles. OAX-Labs has a CI framework that automates the build, merge, deploy, test, and report process using containerized software that leverages infrastructure at various community partner site(s). This ensures the following:

  • Additional testing resources for OSA CI process
  • Validate features on additional configurations (channel conditions, SDRs)
  • Quick verification of new features before they are merged into OAI codebase and their compatibility with existing features
  • Faster development time by catching issues and incompatibilities sooner

CI Diagram

Relevant links:

  • OAI code repository: https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/openairinterface5g
  • Ansible toolchain by Zylinium Research: https://gitlab.com/zylinium-pub/colosseum-cm
  • Colosseum testbed: https://www.northeastern.edu/colosseum/